My life…not exactly going as planned (part 1)

I was going to be creative with my title then I thought, screw being creative, I want it to be exactly what I’m going to write about! And this is exactly that, my life right now and how it’s not where I thought it would be 11 months ago.

I haven’t written a posting in a while, a year to be exact, so there’s a lot to catch up on.

Its been almost a year since I spent a month in Sneads Ferry, NC then got the opportunity to move to Wilmington, NC permanently (or so the plan goes for the time being).

In that one month I experienced a few new things:

1. A newfound freedom, feeling a little more independent after leaving a university that had a lot of rules, not that I wanted to break them, just knowing they were there kind of puts a damper on things, especially curfew, but that’s another story for another time…

2. I was in a different state by myself. I had spent a summer in upstate New York but that wasn’t so thrilling being in the middle of the mountains. This was a city I had only been to once before and I was ready to explore, especially when I found out they filmed movies and TV shows in Wilmington.

3. I stalked TV show crews. Intentionally. I probably shouldn’t admit it but it’s exactly what I did. One day I just happened upon the Under the Dome crew and talked to a crew member. From then on I basically stalked any filming around town I knew of and eventually stalked Sleepy Hollow’s crew as well. I gave out my resume and business card when I felt it was appropriate and made a few contacts (Which led to my first experience as a PA, production assistant, for a major television production, which was definitely in the life plan, but I’ll get to that later)

4. I fulfilled my dream of being in a Nicholas Sparks movie (The Longest Ride, in theaters April 10, look for me). On set I met quite a few people, but one in particular is now basically my best friend in Wilmington. I think I tell him everything, now that I think about it I probably tell him too much. Some things worked out well despite my jobless predicament.

5. I went on my first actual, real date. Yes, as a 22 year old, I went on my first date to the movies, with a marine, who is younger than I am. I met him on a dating app (not tinder) and he asked me to the movies and I said yes. Nothing flashy. We saw Blended, it was pretty good, he will tell you it was a great movie…that was almost a year ago, although neither of us actually remember what the date was. It was awkward but fun, as I assume every first date is, he was sweet and funny, and still is.

Shortly after all this, I put my tail between my legs and made the 10 hour drive back to Ohio, thinking I was saying goodbye to my new favorite city (and the beach). The plan was to go home, spend time with my sister, look for media jobs, and in the meantime settle for working at Macy’s makeup counter. (Which I didn’t really mind, after all I LOVE Macy’s, and would love it even more with an employee discount).

Five days later, I got a random phone call. From the costume supervisor for Sleepy Hollow. I nearly died when I heard the voicemail. This was it. My big break into what I so desperately wanted to do with my life, at least with my early twenties. I interviewed over the phone with her and she gave me as much time as she could and I carefully considered the whole thing (for about two hours because come on, let’s be honest the decision was already made, plus it didn’t hurt that I’d probably get to see the marine guy again 😉).

I moved ten hours away five days later with the back of my suv packed to the ceiling.

To to be continued.